Alternative Energy Management System

With the help of Eco Profit Solution (EPS) from LLC Novatek-Electro


EPS is an integrated control system consisting of several microprocessor devices connected to a home WiFi network.

It can be used together with the systems of solar, wind, hydroelectric power generators – to reduce the electric power generated into the network by turning ON or OFF the additional loads. It can work in the power limiter mode, allowing to reduce the load on the wiring by disconnecting secondary consumers.


4 operating modes


1."Energy saving" operating mode

“Turning on an additional load at a high level of generated energy”

This mode is designed to reduce the transfer of alternative energy to the general power grid by connecting additional devices when the high generation appears.


2."Generation limiter" operating mode

“Micro inverter Shutdown when a high level of generated energy appears”

This mode is designed to turn off the alternative energy generation sources when the set threshold of generated energy is exceeded.


3."Power limiter" operating mode

“Loads management when the total power in the electrical network of the facility is exceeded”

This mode is designed to turn off the non-priority loads while the facility’s power grid overload and turn on the loads back when the consumption drops to the set threshold.


4."Generation connection" operating mode

“Connecting a generation source when a high energy consumption appears”

This mode is designed to connect additional sources of alternative electricity generation when the set threshold of the power consumption is exceeded.

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What is included



EPS-Master is a power grid-monitoring device. It constantly measures the values of the consumed and generated power and, depending on the measurement results, controls the connected EPS-Slaves according to the algorithm of the selected operating mode.



EPS-Slave is a load-controlling device. Constantly maintains communication with the EPS-Master and performs the turning ON or OFF of the device connected to it by commands from the EPS-Master according to the conditions and configured operating modes.

Scheme of work

Scheme of work

Control from any device

EPS solution provides data access in real time through the built-in WEB-interface. Allows parameters configuring and devices operation monitoring locally and remotely.

Provides recording and history storage of the following parameters:

  • Consumed electricity accounting
  • Generated electricity accounting
  • Voltage and frequency of the mains measurement
  • Current and power of consumed loads measurement
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent alarm log
Scheme of work